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Toyota Hilux.

Toyota Hilux.New offspring in the form of a pickup is perfect for those who like long trips for hunting and fishing. Guided tours of the nature are not difficult on this model. All of this is thanks to the excellent ride quality and good cross-country of the vehicle.

The innovations here are really enough. We can start from the renewed brutal masculine design. Also before it was impossible to call this car as female one. Now this is a real “alpha male” among the cars. The interior also has undergone significant change. Inside the car there are a lot of design decisions similar to the Lexus model range. Apparently more premium brand shares their experience in the design. In the center we see a touch screen with a new multimedia system. The full name of this system is Toyota Toch. All of this complements the impression of the car as a whole.

Some people reproach the car that aspirated engine requires more fuel, or does not give enough dynamics to its volume. But it works great for many years.