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Preparation of the car for the winter

The first step is to diagnose the chassis. It contains the following procedures:

  • inspection of condition of all parts of rubber without exception (bushings, sleeves and shock absorbers etc…) and, if necessary, to replace them;
  • determine the performance of ball bearings, bearings, for front wheel drive cars – state of grenades;
  • checking of the oil level in a transmission and drive axle, leakage detection and elimination;
  • adjustable clutch and control the status of all components of drive-line and others.

car winter
The next stage is the engine. It is necessary to:

  • hold the replacement of engine oil and oil filter (choose oil viscosity should be at the rate of average temperature indicators);
  • exercise control coolant level and, if necessary, top up or its complete replacement;
  • check the status of the sensor temperature and the pressure of oil and antifreeze.

Inspection of the brake system is also one of the most important procedures. It is not worth saving in this case and the best result is to make everything as well as possible. It should be remembered that in winter vehicle stopping distances is much greater than in the summer, and even slight wear of the pads or light leakage of fluid can lead to very adverse consequences.