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Our house everybody doing a. This is my first and probably my own a mechanic article. But I have the 2013 malibu headlights. And the changing light bulbs so I figured that’s pretty pretty easy so I came home and looked at you to. And it was a few videos out there but most of all. Had you take off. A bunch of screws and bolts and notes nuts on top. And also on the bottom drop your bumper I think the whole headlight on. And then in one of those videos those reading the comments. And one guy said well put my hand in through top. Remove the. The water. We feel the wonderful would wash fluid. Remove the top of that sweet heading there yes it was a tight squeeze. So we have huge hands incredible to work with a good decent size hands in a squeeze it in there. I think it might be easier if you remove the whole battery casing. And your. The fuse box. Be like easier to access well let me show you. How it looks okay so here’s the front I remove this has put it right back on top just a re enactment. Better go for. The battery cover that’s pretty easy just. Person not to belittle.

2013 malibu headlightsI took all the fuel from until I don’t think was necessary but per game in their bedroom. There is a little washer I hear you just. Pull it out. This all. Now you have the little. When the washer fluid. Speaking. I. Now it’s worried this dissolute tricky. I average at the label about what you got going here poem into inside here basically to the back corner. And squeeze your hand in their home to see my new headlight. His own new a squeeze get back there. You know as a few wires you know when you read the label one because. At the same time looking over here. To see which wire is pulling the little. Like both. And this is for the regular low be not for the high beam okay well I just put the new lead Bowdoin and as you can tell of course you want to test it before you put everything back to figure out if it works. I went in there and as you could tell it does work so many replace it. And be done. Alright it does work I would say. Is that. You’re in there with your fingers and you basically work with 23 fingers in this my left hand because I you can go in there with your right hand if you do in the. Driver side. Women are coordinated with your left hand. You have a hard time.

Well it took me about maybe 30 minutes to get that libel making. So unless you know what you’re doing you can drop the bumper Barbie a lot easier. And then what I learned was in the light bulb this the old one. He has 3 little. 3 little things one of them is bigger than the other. Sonya Messin around in there. You have to make sure. At the top one this one here is considered the top one. Which is the big one. We put in the label been there I was I was putting it in their sideways so I was trying to do this. And I like best. And I was there for awhile and then I looked at the other labelled that’s already are. Then I realized. I hope This is the bigger one in the 2 still has to go in. This way basically. And that was hard to do. So what you get in there go wiggling to wiggling and then you finally get it in and then you have to turn it so I can lock in. And that was hard especially working with 2 fingers. So. That’s another way to do this if you feel like doing it you see I did it so I know you can do it especially view more mechanically inclined. Or you can just go the other route drop the whole bumper. Into the whole thing if that’s easier for you if you know what you’re doing that may be easier I didn’t want to mess with that. So this was a lot easier home.

All together the price take you 30 minutes now that I know what I’m doing as far as putting the libel. In their property. So give it a shot this is once again maybe it suits the malibu headlights from 2013 anyway I hope you enjoyed the video hope you learned something. And. I will never put another mechanical video up so there’s no need to subscribe. To get mechanical tips. However my channel is basically geared toward those who were in the church system and. They left the church system or one of the church this. But still have a relationship with. So you can subscribe to that do a lot of different lessons on how basically how to quit church without putting god. And how to live in god’s grace. Okay. So god bless you hope you enjoy this mechanical tutorial. The one and only in the only one I’ll ever put up god bless you and enjoy your day.