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2016 Ford Mustang GT350: car Review

2016 Ford Mustang GT350What so you guys cnty 16 Shelby GT 356 yeah, Were priced starting in just under $50000 today courtesy if she he 14 Gaithersburg Maryland. I had with me a car that was extremely hard to find the 2016 Shelby GT 350 finished in an awesome color called avalanche Greg hits you up front the GT 350 of course distinguishes itself with its Shelby badging located on the passenger side of the front grill into the sides were standard each ID headlamps was signature lighting and these Mustang led headlights were automatic. As well the front lip was also rocking the Shelby name to them just like the first ever built Shelby back in 1965 this 1 had the racing stripes as well moving on to round the side there was additional ventilation to help move the air more efficiently around the collar. Just behind that the GT 350 badging that even back by the rear wheels the side skirts were flared out to help direct air around. Wheels rather than directly into them which was another and. Score that much sweeter but another thing that went along perfect with the black racing stripes with the black law smears and these mirrors the. As well but what it comes to the wheels do. The 50 Standard with the staggered fitment rocking 19 by Front in 19. I live in a In this rear tires work beastly when it comes to the aluminum wheels they’re going to come finished in it and. It’s what was taking the car from 0 in only a high.

The up front there’s beastly Brembo brakes was so Piston front calipers with. Peace discs mounted to aluminum had. But in the back there’s for peace brake calipers with 2 piece drilled iron disks once again the finally round the back there’s a bleed decklid spoiler LED sequential tail waves in a dual exhaust set up with quite tips and then exhaust system on the GT 350 was a beast check it out. For your Red line of I’m in a power the show We’re reaching. Stian around Once While doing the quarter mile in 12 For this power will be sent. The rear wheels via a 6 speed manual shifter was short throws any unique shift now to the Shelby of course but another thing the Shelby has that differentiates itself from the other Mustangs is staff flat plane crankshaft which is going to fire evenly between the cylinders, and in the end is going to help the car produce more power, and the unique Shelby sounds well and yet another enhancement the Shelby ads on is something called.

Magnetic ride control which scans the road and just the car suspension settings to help eliminate body roll around the corners then onto the inside when stepping into the car first noticed the GT 350 door sills which looked awesome with the engine a model information to then start the car simply put my foot on the brake and clutch impressed engine start button in the gauges came finished in a clean black and white look than the seats and steering wheel. I was also a huge fan of because the seats had a leather and suede combo that felt awesome with the posters to help pull the driver in place around turns. I will say though the Shelby’s do come standard with her car a bucket seats which of course are awesome however this particular Shelby GT 350 have the technology package, which as 75 $0 the price in a lot was added with this package so 1 can do is I’ll put that information on the screen now so feel free to pause to be if you want to take a more in depth look at what is going to be added with that technology.

Anyways the steering wheel also had a sweet love their set up as well jumping around back there was deftly plenty of trunk space coming in a 13.5 cubic feet and if that wasn’t enough the back seats did fall down as well but then back up to the front was the 8 inch color touch screen sink 3 system which of course came with the technology package but on this screen I was able to check out new just the climate controls adjust the volume and audio settings for the 7 speaker audio system and as a side note with out the tech package the standard audio system does come a 6 speaker so then I was also able to view my apps on my phone actually being connected to the car then.

Also I could check out the clock display settings Bluetooth info navigation and war then lastly since the Shelby GT 350 does come stated with over 500 horsepower checking into the safety info is usually a good idea, as well so when it comes to the Shelby GT 350 standard safety features include an active glove box a driver’s knee airbag 2 front airbags front seat side impact airbags side curtain airbags latchkey kid a lower anchors. And tethers for children a rear view camera and sos post crash alert system mechatronics debility controlled those awesome Brembo brakes. I mentioned earlier electronic powers the steering and a tire mobility kit but in the end this 1 is not simply your regular Mustang this car is its own beast and there’s a good reason why movies like on 60 seconds had a Shelby as the star car into 2016 Shelby GT 350 is aggressive it’s powerful and it’s priced beautifully for the amount of power that comes with it is also very rare so if you manage to get your hands on 1 treasury because the car is brilliant in Carroll Shelby is a legend big yes what’s personally video and subscribe now see minutes 1 single.