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2015 Toyota Highlander XLE review

This running boards at the Grange total Grange Georgia this short video of a brand new 2015 Toyota Highlander XLE, late this article, from Robert owner thank you for your inquiry. I just want to give you some highlights on the exhale late. Skills with the fog lights. Really nice Elmore boils. There were no […]

2016 Ford Mustang GT350: car Review

What so you guys cnty 16 Shelby GT 356 yeah, Were priced starting in just under $50000 today courtesy if she he 14 Gaithersburg Maryland. I had with me a car that was extremely hard to find the 2016 Shelby GT 350 finished in an awesome color called avalanche Greg hits you up front the […]


Our house everybody doing a. This is my first and probably my own a mechanic article. But I have the 2013 malibu headlights. And the changing light bulbs so I figured that’s pretty pretty easy so I came home and looked at you to. And it was a few videos out there but most of […]

Preparation of the car for the winter

The first step is to diagnose the chassis. It contains the following procedures: inspection of condition of all parts of rubber without exception (bushings, sleeves and shock absorbers etc…) and, if necessary, to replace them; determine the performance of ball bearings, bearings, for front wheel drive cars – state of grenades; checking of the oil […]

Hyundai Genesis

At first time Hyundai Genesis made its public debut in 2008 at home in Korea. Its sales in the North American market began in 2009. Korean group decided to go their own way without creating a separate brand to release a luxury car, as many Japanese and some European companies did. Its sedan premium produced […]

Toyota Hilux.

New offspring in the form of a pickup is perfect for those who like long trips for hunting and fishing. Guided tours of the nature are not difficult on this model. All of this is thanks to the excellent ride quality and good cross-country of the vehicle. The innovations here are really enough. We can […]